A Message of Gratitude from Class 8R

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Each year, our Grade 8 students work collaboratively in our Leadership Program in a culminating activity known as the Grade 8 Legacy Project. Each Leadership class researches and determines a charitable organization they wish to support.

Mr. Racioppo’s Class 8R chose to support the work of Comfort Bears. Comfort Bears provides cuddly bears for children with terminal illnesses or experiencing serious trauma. The Comfort Bears organization believes having a bear to hold onto makes a big difference for children going through a difficult time in their young lives.

To support the Comfort Bears organization, Class 8R planned and executed a schoolwide spirit day fundraiser called Comfy & Cozy Day! On Thursday, February 24, students and staff were invited to donate $5 and come to school dressed in a comfy hoodie, cozy pyjama bottoms, and relaxing slippers. Students were also encouraged to bring to school their favourite stuffed animal. Class 8R had a goal to raise $1000. This would allow the Comfort Bears organization to deliver 50 bears to children in crisis.

As part of their project plan, the students in Class 8R worked extremely hard to create and deliver Instagram posts, newsletter submissions, and daily announcements. They also scheduled virtual class visits, recorded videos, and rallied families during morning arrivals with tambourines, bells, and colourful posters.

To further engage students throughout the day, Class 8R arranged virtual storytimes with the younger grades. They chose storybooks and read them aloud to the students in Casa to Grade 4 classes. Additionally, Class 8R organized a very special visitor! Winnie the Pooh, another cuddly bear, dropped by to thank all the classes for their participation.

Class 8R is extremely proud to reveal their Comfy & Cozy spirit day was a huge success! The special event raised $2815.00 for the Comfort Bears organization! Rotherglen will now help 140 children receive a cuddly teddy bear in a time of illness or trauma.

Class 8R would like to thank everyone who supported and participated in Comfy & Cozy Day!

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