Rotherglen School’s Oakville Elementary Campus is a member of the Private School Athletic Association (PSAA) and competes against a number of independent schools throughout the year. Each tournament is organized into two levels: the Junior Division level for students in Grades 5 and 6; and the Intermediate Division level for students in Grades 7 and 8. In the Intermediate Division, we participate in six sporting tournaments throughout each school year: soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and track & field.

The Junior Division teams compete in five sporting events, similar to the list above with the exception of volleyball. “Tryout Week” for each sport sees numerous students come out to earn a spot on each team. Decisions involving team membership rests the coaches of each team and are based on a student’s demonstration of sportsmanship, commitment, and skill. As each tournament is considered a school event where each team member is representing Rotherglen School, conduct inside and outside the school also plays a role in determining team members. Although not all interested students can be chosen for a specific team, we continue to encourage all students to maintain their interest and enthusiasm.