Walking the Talk…

The Rotherglen Educating for Advocacy and Creating Hope (REACH) Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to enrich the student experience. At the heart of its conception is the desire to foster awareness within our student body of their role as citizens of the world. The Foundation provides a means for our students, parents and teachers to shape and give direction to our charitable initiatives beginning within our community and reaching further abroad.

Our goal is to encourage children to be active citizens by encouraging a sense of gratitude, charity, citizenship, responsibility, leadership and empowerment. The REACH Foundation will teach all our students that even as young people, they can make a difference.

Each year, Rotherglen raises thousands of dollars for various charities and initiatives including: the Christmas Wonders campaign to help families in need; the Yellow Fish Road project, Jump Rope for Heart, Terry Fox Walk, Hospital for Sick Children, Katrina Relief, United Way of Oakville, Canadian Diabetes Association and the adopt-a-trail program to name just a few.

The Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation has been established as an endowment fund with the Oakville Community Foundation. This foundation serves as a way to meet our neighbours, build the community and have some fun. Working together, we can help our children, help our community and help ourselves.

The REACH Foundation is another avenue the school utilizes to meet our mission of educating our students and encouraging them to be active citizens and change agents. The REACH Foundation was established to provide our students with a vehicle to give back to their community. Each year, our Grade 8 students work collaboratively to decide how funds raised throughout the year for the REACH Foundation will be dispersed. The students are guided to research needs and collectively determine the cause that they are passionate to support.

The Oakville Community Foundation is a special kind of charity with a primary mandate to make it easy, inexpensive and beneficial for generous and caring people to establish their own foundation. It does this by helping them establish endowment funds: pools of principal that are invested in perpetuity to create new income. This income is then granted every year to the charitable causes of their choosing for current community needs.

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