Differentiated Learning

The delivery of instruction at Rotherglen is not a “one fits all” approach. We have been using the philosophy of differentiated learning since 1979. Recognizing that students differ significantly in their interests, learning styles, abilities, and experiences, we have implemented teaching strategies and supportive resources that accommodate individual student learning and apply instruction at a developmentally and educationally appropriate pace.

This approach to instruction ensures that concepts and skills are taught in a variety of ways so that our students’ unique learning styles and preferences are addressed. It is the quintessential approach to ensuring we are responding to, and meeting our learners’ needs. For students, we provide a supportive learning environment that is inclusive, safe, and where successes are celebrated.

Our teachers implement a variety of differentiated strategies that complement a strong and comprehensive curriculum that challenges our students, keeps them engaged in the learning process, and supports them to reach their optimal potential. Our goal at Rotherglen is to inspire our students, encourage the pursuit of excellence, instill the love of learning, and provide the foundation for success through diversified learning approaches and techniques.