Primary School (Grade 1-3)

Rotherglen’s Lower Elementary program is firmly rooted in Montessori principles. Areas of study include: mathematics, English, French, History, Geography, Science, Computers, Music and Physical Education. We respond to each child’s sensitive learning periods during these early school years. The Montessori philosophy involves a hands-on approach to learning. Attractive materials designed for a specific purpose allow the student to learn abstract concepts concretely.

Our highly qualified Montessori teachers guide students towards working independently and learning through experience. In this way, students are active participants in their own learning. Differentiated instruction and individual learning occurs in all our classrooms. Our Grade 1 to 3 programming is supported by a variety of approaches derived from the larger educational community, ensuring a well balanced and strong curriculum delivery. The teacher-to-student ratio in the Lower School is 1:18.

Elementary Physical Education Program (download PDF)