February in Casa Room 6

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February was filled with celebrations and excitement! We began the month with our theme on Community Helpers. The children learned about various jobs and how community helpers are important to our community. They explored this topic through a variety of crafts, projects, books, and activities.
We celebrated Lunar New Year by creating lanterns, learned about delicious foods that are eaten during this time, and enjoyed a beautiful presentation of Chinese music. Happy Lunar New Year!
Valentine’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm as the children came to school dressed in pink, white, and red. They decorated bags to carry their Valentine’s cards and made colourful bracelets for each other. We also celebrated National Flag of Canada Day this month by learning some interesting facts about our Canadian flag.
We had lots of fun participating in the Reach Week activities. The children proudly wore their favourite Jersey, we saw some creative hairstyles and enjoyed delicious pancakes. Even the coldest weather did not stop our students from enjoying outdoor carnival games for our Bonhomme Carnaval celebration. We ended the week with a glow in the dark dance-a-thon and saw some cool dance moves. Our most exciting moment was drawing the winning names for our most popular Basket Raffle. Congratulations to all the winners!
In the coming weeks,Room 6 will be learning all about the beautiful country of Turkey as we prepare for our next big event, International Day!

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