February Theme Work

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In Casa, each class is exploring a Science theme this month, in addition to their regular Montessori lessons. These monthly cultural themes allow our youngest students to learn many facts about various topics and provide our blossoming writers and artists with inspiration for short stories and drawings and art.

The children in Room 1 have been introduced to Our Earth, where they have been learning about Earth’s land and water forms, the Earth’s layers, as well as the position and names of the Continents. In Room 2, the fascinating concept of Inventions has been introduced. Students are learning about the concept of Design Thinking, and how they too can become an inventor. Understanding that some of their favourite things, such as trampolines, popsicles, and television were created by children was a big surprise! Our friends in Room 3 have been exploring the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs. They are learning about the types of Dinosaurs (Carnivores and Herbivores), and how to tell them apart by their diets, size, and body type. They have been learning a dinosaur chant, adding a new tongue-twisting Dinosaur name each day! Rooms 4 and 7 have been learning about our Solar System and Outer Space. Concepts such as how the moon phases affect the tides, dwarf planets, and what it is like to be an astronaut have been explored.

Our Grade 1 Class is also in the process of exploring new lessons in Culture, specifically Science. The parts of the roots, the function of the root, and a root experiment are underway. Next will be their independent research projects on an animal. They will research the appearance, habitat, class, and diet of their chosen animal.

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