Fun at March Break Camp!

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Our March Break Camp program kept many of our students busy over the break, and by all accounts, a great time was had by all!

March Break Camp – Week 1 – Wilderness Camping Adventure!

Our first week at March Break Camp was so much fun! In keeping with our wilderness camping adventure theme, our campers sculpted and painted their own clay necklaces in the shape of a tent! On Tuesday, Chloe from the Travelling Stage visited and told campfire stories, bringing them to life using interactive props. The children were enthralled! Later in the week, we made stained glass camping lanterns using colourful tissue paper and built a pretend campfire using logs made from paper rolls and fiery flames made from tissue paper! And what would a camping adventure be without snakes? Our creative campers crafted sparkly snakes out of pipe cleaners and beads. The children also worked collaboratively to decorate giant Class Murals! A highlight of the week was ‘Camping Story Time’ held in the lobby around our giant tent and a fun fishing pond, along with delicious s’mores for everyone!

March Break Camp – Week 2 – Little Picassos!

We had an amazing second week at camp! Our creative campers were busy crafting and had so much fun exploring different art mediums throughout the week. We created colourful tape resist canvases using painter’s tape and watercolour paints. On Tuesday, we welcomed the Lollipop Art Lounge, who helped our little artists to make a 3-D hedgehog! Throughout the week, we also designed coasters made out of tiles, and we created Picasso-style self portraits, which were very interesting! The children also worked together to create huge Class Murals! Finally, our camp staff assisted the children in designing and decorating their customized take-home craft bags holding all of their creations.

In between our arts and crafts, our campers in both weeks had fun with indoor games, toys, and puzzles, as well as freeze dance parties, yoga, and outdoor free play time. We sang songs and read books during Circle Time. We celebrated the end of our weeks on Friday with a Pizza Day lunch! March Break Camp was a wonderful success, and we love the many new friendships that were made!

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