Grade 3 Students Visit Mountsberg Conservation Area

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The Grade 3 students learned so much during our fabulous trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area!

They learned about different types of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, and mammals. The students had the opportunity to examine a small pond, sifting through many small forms of life, including little snails and the like. They were also watched out for frogs and toads.

The students were completely in awe of the beauty of the Eagles and Falcons (birds of prey) and several of the beautiful types of owls, including the Horned Owl and the Barn Owl. The students learned there are not many of these beautiful creatures like the barn owl left.

The students also witnessed beautiful Swallow birds in their own habitat and had the chance to pet a beautiful snake. The barn animals such as the goats, sheep, horses, and rabbits, were so lovely to see and learn about.

Thank you to all the parents volunteers who joined us on our special day. It was wonderful to walk through the beautiful Mountsberg grounds on such a lovely day!

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