Grade 4 Students Interview Fred Fox

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Each year, during the month of September, schools and communities across Canada participate in the Terry Fox Run in memory of a young man who dreamed of a world without cancer.
Terry Fox was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. Through his treatment, he realized that more needed to be done to support cancer patients and allow doctors to conduct additional research to find a cure.
Terry set out on the “Marathon of Hope,” with the intention of running across Canada to raise funds and awareness. His marathon was cut short when he had to stop running just outside of Thunder Bay, and Canadians have continued to run each year in his memory. Since then, the Terry Fox Run has raised over $800 million, which has funded over 1,200 innovative research projects.
On Friday, the Grade 4 classes had the incredible opportunity to interview Terry’s brother, Fred Fox, via Google Meet. The students shared their insightful questions and thoroughly enjoyed hearing Mr. Fox’s stories about his brother.

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