Grade 5/6 Speech Showcase

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In January, we held our annual Grade 5/6 Speech Showcase.  All students in Grades 5 and 6 worked hard to hone their speech-writing and public-speaking skills in preparation for the event, and one student from each class was selected for the Speech Showcase. This year, the Grade 6 speeches were centered around their own passions to spark creativity and celebrate uniqueness. The goal for the Grade 6’s was to “speak from the heart” while sharing why their topic was so important to them.
The Grade 5 students were asked to write about a hero that has inspired them. From family members to athletes and historical figures, students were encouraged to think critically to determine how this person changed not only their lives but also the world.
Congratulations go out to each of the class representatives for their outstanding presentations, and to all Grade 5 and 6 students for their dedicated time and effort in crafting this year’s speeches and refining their public speaking skills.

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