Grade 5 Creative Writing Contest

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Last year, students in the Grade 5 Creative Writing Club, as well as interested students from Grade 5, were invited to submit a piece of creative writing to the Poetry Institute of Canada’s Annual Creative Writing Contest. Students worked hard to write imaginative poems and short stories and submit their best work. This year, thirty students from Rotherglen‘s 2019-2020 Grade 5 classes were chosen to be published in the annual anthology, entitled: The Raven’s Riddles, which is set to be released later this year.
Congratulations to the following students for their publications:
Haider A.             Hamzah D.
Rayaan K.            Adriana O.
Rafay S.                Mekhelina A.
Tessa F.                Devan L.
Abigail O.             Teresa T.
Stephanie B.        Lily F.
Easton L.              Kariya R.
Savannah T.        Beatrice B.
Siddhi G.              Aidan L.
Maha R.               Avery T.
Eric C.                  Grace H.
Isabella M.          Isabella S.
Benjamin Y.        Lucas C.
Noura I.               Grace M.
Alvin S.                 Daren Z.

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