Grade 6 Students Welcome Officers Harpreet Bhathal and Carrie Foster

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On Tuesday, May 24, our Grade 6 students were excited to welcome Halton Police Elementary School Liaison Officers Harpreet Bhathal and Carrie Foster to Rotherglen. This visit was the first in-person presentation of the year for the Grade 6 students!

Officers Bhathal and Foster spoke to the students about important topics such as decision making, peer relationships, and substance abuse (tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol). Other interesting areas of discussion included bullying, cyber-bullying, internet safety, social media, and youth and the law. The students had an awesome question and answer period at the end of the presentation, with students posing insightful questions on a variety of topics. Officers Bhathal and Foster were able to provide in-depth answers and shared their experiences with the students.

It was an impactful session for our Grade 6 students and we are grateful to Officers Bhathal and Foster for sharing their expertise and insight.

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