Grade 6 Visits Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

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The Grade 6 classes went to the Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum to enhance their understanding about Air and Flight. The students were very excited to see so many planes up close and took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about the plane designs, as well as ones about the role that aviation played during wartime. They were able to expand on lessons they learned in class, and they added new vocabulary to their understanding.

In between touring around the museum, students also had the opportunity to build and fly foam gliders. This was to see how planes are able to roll by adjusting student-made ailerons. Some of the flying mission competitions were: longest distance, most rolls, and fanciest flight! One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to sit in and explore a Canadian Buffalo aircraft, outside of the museum.

Throughout the day, students gained important insights regarding airplane modifications that will act as valuable tools for their own airplane designs for our Fly Away Challenge!

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