Grade 8 Leadership

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This week, Grade 8 Leaders were very busy preparing for the upcoming REACH Fall Food Drive. Leaders were tasked with running a meaningful campaign and creating incentives to encourage students to support their plans and to participate in donating non-perishable food items. Leaders constructed signs, posters, Instagram posts, newsletter submissions, and announcements, all in preparation for a successful event.

Grade 8 Leaders also visited with every class to explain about Food For Life, our REACH Fall Food Drive recipient, and to express the importance of participating in the project. Further, Grade 8 Leaders were out in full force during the morning arrivals to drum up support for their initiative. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and families seemed keen to join in on the fun. The Grade 8 Leaders have worked hard, and they are excited to see their concerted efforts pay off. We look forward to an exciting and rewarding REACH Fall Food Drive!

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