Grade 8 Leadership at Rotherglen

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The Grade 8 Leadership students began the year by composing their own Mission Statements and establishing what their Grade 8 footprint/legacy will be.  Each of our 4 Leadership classes developed a Mission Statement.

Mission Statement 1

With a positive attitude, we will improve lives and make the world a better place by becoming more aware, being positive role models while raising awareness and trying our best.

Mission Statement 2

We will be strong leaders, who will instill positive qualities in the student body in a creative, motivational and passionate way, and have fun doing it.

Mission Statement 3

Our community will strive to be respectful, strong leaders who listen and we will be supportive of our school and peers, while maintaining a positive attitude.

Mission Statement 4

This year we will strive to respect others, try new things, work together to make the most of our Grade 8 experience.  We will believe in ourselves and encourage others to be active in our community.

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