Grade 8 Leadership Tie Ceremony

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On Thursday, November 9, our Grade 8 students were presented with a special Grade 8 Tie. An intimate ceremony hosted by teachers and administration took place in the gymnasium following our Remembrance Day assembly. This navy blue tie adorned with the Rotherglen crest was given to each student as a symbol of recognition for his/her commitment to being upstanding leaders at Rotherglen.
Over the past few weeks, our Grade 8 students have embraced their role as school leaders. Through their involvement in running clubs, participating in committees, coaching teams, and helping to organize special events, they have proven their ability to be strong leaders. They have demonstrated their ability to teach, mentor, role-model, support, and plan. This tie will hopefully serve as a reminder of not only what our students have already accomplished but also the responsibility that comes with being a graduating student.
As Rotherglen faculty, we are all very proud of the commitment demonstrated by our Grade 8 students.

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