Grade 9 Math Credit Course Opportunity in 2014-15

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Rotherglen authorized to grant Secondary School credits on behalf of the Ministry of Education
We are pleased to share that some of our Grade 8 students have the opportunity to take a Grade 9 Mathematics course. In order to be eligible to take this course, Grade 7 students must attain an overall average of 90% as their final year-end Mathematics mark (which includes their final exam result).  The Grade 9 Mathematics course offers an additional challenge to our students who have demonstrated a sound work ethic and a solid understanding of the material covered in our Grade 7 mathematics programming.  The Grade 9 course offers advanced content and involves an increased level of assignments and homework. Regular attendance is essential in the Grade 9 Mathematics course as credit courses require 110 hours of attendance.
Rotherglen is authorized to grant secondary school credits on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Upon successful course and exam completion, students enrolled in the Grade 9 Mathematics course will receive an official Grade 9 Mathematics credit from Rotherglen in June 2015.  The credit will appear on the students’ high school transcript.

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