JUMP Math At Rotherglen

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Mathematics instruction has been a widely discussed topic in the news this school year, particularly since the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) published results that indicated a decline in Canadian students’ performance since 2003. This news created a heightened awareness among parents in the province and debate over math curriculum has ensued. JUMP Math, the resource and instructional method created by Dr. John Mighton OC, has been highlighted in a variety of articles and newscasts as an effective means to nurture interest in math while developing sound computational and problem solving skills. Dr. Mighton, Fields Institute Scholar at the University of Toronto, has worked closely with Rotherglen over the past four years, as Rotherglen was one of the first private schools in Ontario to utilize the resource. Currently our Junior Division students use JUMP a grade level ahead as one of their core classroom resources. Rotherglen staff has received professional development with Dr. Mighton and several teachers have contributed Smart board lessons to a pilot project developed by the JUMP organization to integrate technology and JUMP methodology.

The U.S. Department of Education committed 2.7 million dollars to fund a study of math in the province of Ontario, looking at students in classrooms where JUMP is being used.


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