Math Contest Results

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Grade 4-6
This year Rotherglen was proud to have 50 students in Grades 4 through 6 participate in the Mathematica Centrum Math Contest. These students spent weeks preparing for the contest, using a variety of strategies. As a school, Rotherglen placed 74th out of 468 schools in the Byron-Germain Contest, 60th out of 688 schools for the Fibonacci contest, and 43rd out of 934 schools for the Pythagoras contest. We are very proud of all of the students who participated in the contest this year!
Grade 7 and 8
Grade 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to participate in the Gauss Math Contest, administered by the University of Waterloo and the Lagrange (Grade 8) and Euler (Grade 7) Math Contests, administered by Mathematica Centrum. The students demonstrated stellar performances in both contests. We congratulate all of our participants!

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