Character Education and Leadership

Rotherglen students are Respectful of themselves, inclusive of others and protective of the environment. They are Engaged in their learning, athletics, the arts and co-curricular activities. They are Academically motivated to achieve excellence and they are Leaders and innovators, prepared to be valuable contributors to their local and global communities. At Rotherglen, we keep education REAL.

At the centre of REAL is an enriched curriculum that equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to develop knowledge develop their abilities and create the foundation for learning success.

The programs and activities that surround our curriculum form the modules that make up the REAL program. At every grade level, the Rotherglen Values: Respect, Community, Learning, Communication, Civility and Citizenship are interwoven into daily life. Each division of the school engages the REAL program throughout the school.

At the Casa and Primary level, this is achieved through Montessori method that promotes exploration and active inquiry. Learning through discovery is enhanced through the integration of monthly themes that focus on honesty, respect, integrity, excellence, responsibility, inclusion, creativity, fairness, compassion and self-awareness.

In Grades 1-3, the program expands and develops as students acquire new levels of autonomy. Our stimulating curriculum includes specialty classes in French, music, character education and leadership development. The monthly themes are expanded with age appropriate activities and outcomes around resilience, core values, relationships, anti-bullying, self-respect and self-regulation.

In the Junior School (Grades 4-6) students are presented with growing responsibilities and accountabilities for their actions, school work and relationships with others. At this age students often work together and their collaboration builds team work skills and encourages each child’s growing interests in social relationships. A special focus is placed on mutual respect, right to participate, positive choices, attentive listening and self-awareness.

When our students reach the Upper School (Grades 7 and 8) they are recognized as school leaders and mentors. Expectations increase as do opportunities for them to make a meaningful difference to the world around them. A Life Skills curriculum is introduced to broaden our students’ skills and awareness. Subjects such as conflict management, decision making, motivation, time management, working effectively with others, computer safety and self-awareness are covered.

The real-world, hands-on opportunities we provide our students helps to widen their vision, engage their passion, create opportunities to lead with their heart and become valuable contributors to their local and global communities.