Mindfulness at Rotherglen

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In today’s world, our lives are becoming increasingly taxing. Technology offers so many great opportunities, but can also lead to a loss of connection with ourselves and others. The key to mindfulness is to learn to balance our hurried lives with wisdom and compassion. Research has shown that mindfulness gives youth skills to go through life with more clarity, awareness, curiosity, and kindness. “The focus of education needs to be broadened beyond academics, to serve the whole child” (Mindfulness for Children). When children learn skills that focus on positive social behavior and compassion, it helps them to live a more balanced life. Through mindful activities, children learn to focus and pay attention in different ways. Teachers who have used mindfulness in their classrooms have reported that students who practice mindfulness are calmer which in turn leads to less classroom management issues.

This year Rotherglen has chosen to make mindfulness a priority amongst our students and staff. Through a variety of breathing exercises and activities, Rotherglen teachers have introduced mindfulness into our classrooms.

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