Mindfulness in Class 1A

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This year we have set up a Peaceful Place in our classroom where we can take a moment at any time of the day to stop, breathe, reflect and decompress through meditative activities. On our classroom windowsill you will find:

  • A stool to sit and relax while using binoculars to observe the beauty in nature outside our window
  • A scented candle
  • A window garden to tend
  • A singing bowl, mallet and brass holder made of open hands
  • Objects from nature: a feather and shells in a beautiful glass jar
  • A music centre with headphones to hear soothing music.  We also play soft music throughout the day while doing our schoolwork

We take breaks in our day to meditate with slow breathing and an opportunity to clear our minds of so many thoughts.  We give our minds a “mini rest”.  We end our days together with the following saying: “May the beautiful light within me always shine to that beautiful light within you.”

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