Mindfulness in Grade 4

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This month, the Grade 4 students had the chance to work with Mr. Dean Hyuck and participate in some engaging activities that were aligned with the character traits of empathy and respect, and our mindfulness practices.  Mr. Hyuck helped the students gain a better understanding of how we tend to feel and act when we are a part of a group, compared to when we are excluded.  This was followed by a dynamic discussion about how much we each matter, as individuals. Students repeated the words “I matter”, throughout a guided breathing exercise, led by Mr. Hyuck
The children also had the opportunity to practice a kindness meditation during which they were encouraged to send love and kindness to people in their lives including someone who has challenged them in the past. This positive mindfulness workshop is aimed to benefit students in all aspects of their development and to cultivate compassion that will impact their social interactions within the school and beyond.

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