Minds Grow with Milk in School

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Elementary School Milk Program, beginning September 2015. This program is committed to providing elementary students with milk on a daily basis. According to Canada’s Food Guide, children aged 2 to 8 need two servings of milk and alternatives each day and children aged 9 to 13 need three to four servings daily. This new program is a wonderful way to ensure our students receive the milk they need to stay healthy, alert and ready to learn every day. The Elementary School Milk Program has been designed to provide students with healthy choices but also as a fundraiser for schools. All monies raised from this program will go directly to the Rotherglen REACH Foundation.

The Dairy Farmers of Ontario run this program and our local distributor would be Mr. Dairy. Mr. Dairy is Toronto’s largest distributor of Natrel (Sealtest) brand milk. Parents will be able to choose white or chocolate milk. They will also have the option to order cheese and yogurt for snack time or as an addition to their child’s lunch.

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