News From Casa – Room 1

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During the month of November, Room 1 students went on a journey through the Solar System! They learned the order of the planets and characteristics of each one. They became astronauts and hung from the windows of our classroom. We made telescopes to explore the skies, and rocket ships using our handprints. We even learned about poor Pluto, the planet that got demoted to being a Dwarf Planet. We learned about the other Dwarf Planets as well, and that there are many still left to be discovered. Many students were eager to be the next to discover one – I think we have some future astronauts on our hands here in Room 1! We played many games in Gym class that carried on our in-class learning! Solar System Tag, Planet Line up, Gravity Walk and Astronaut Training to name a few. I think one of the most exciting things we learned about this month was Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield. We learned all about his journey to becoming Canada’s first astronaut to enter space. We watched some pretty neat videos that he made from space and learned how to how to make a sandwich in a space kitchen and even how to brush your teeth in space! We wrote a class letter to Mr. Hadfield, and many older children wrote their own letters to him. The letters were filled with questions and compliments for their newfound “friend”. I have mailed them all of to Chris Hadfield and we can’t wait to hear back from him. I hear he may even send an autographed picture for our class! It was a theme the children were sad to finish, but I assured them that there is plenty more fun to be had in December at school. During the next month, we will learn about the different Holidays around the World! And….. we will be all be turning into Elves for our school wide door decorating contest!

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