News from Casa – Room 2

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During the month of January, Room 2 began the exciting journey of online learning. The children learned how to use their devices while exploring new concepts at home. Our January theme was about the Arctic and Antarctica. The children compared and contrasted these regions and they learned that one is an ocean (Arctic) and one is a continent (Antarctica). These two locales also have very different weather, geography, and animals that call it home. The children actively participated in our weekly yoga classes during gym where they learned different yoga poses related to the Arctic animals. The children completed activities on the parts of a polar bear, puffin, snowy owl, and an arctic fox through cutting, labeling, and reading activities. We ended each week with our weekly craft. The children had lots of fun making Arctic animal crafts and learning how these animals are able to survive and adapt to these cold conditions. The children truly enjoyed their virtual exploration of the Arctic and Antarctica. For the month of February, Room 2 is looking forward to learning about Health and Wellness. Our focus will be on taking care of ourselves with love and kindness!

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