News from Casa – Room 2

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During the month of November Room 2 blasted off to space as we explored the Solar System! We launched into all things outer space and learned about the planets, the sun, the stars, comets, meteoroids, and the different phases of the moon. The students learned the order of the planets and the characteristics of each planet. The children had lots of fun learning and singing a song called Zoom Zoom Zoom. They became astronauts and floated in the galaxy on our Space bulletin board. The children learned what gravity is, and how space has very little gravity. Many of the children now want to be an astronaut when they grow up! We read books on how to become an astronaut, and what they do when they’re up in space. We had lots of fun learning about Chris Hadfield, Canada’s first astronaut to walk in space. The children used their artistic skills to make their very own rocket ship. We played many fun and cooperative space games during Gym class such as Space Tag and Hot Moon. Space was definitely a very popular theme in Room 2!

In addition to learning about Space, we have been working to develop our best singing voices. The students have eagerly been practicing their Holiday Concert songs and lines. Their excitement is evident, as they burst into song periodically during the day. We are very much looking forward to performing for our virtual Holiday Concert.

In December we will be learning about different holidays that are celebrated around the world. We will read many books about the celebrations and look forward to learning about different cultures. We will also be all turning into snowflakes for our school-wide door decorating contest!

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