News from Casa – Room 3

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The children of Room 3 had a fun and busy start to the school year! September was filled with many opportunities to establish routines and develop friendships while cultivating a caring, supportive, and dynamic classroom community. The children worked in all five Montessori areas of the classroom, while remembering to tuck in their chairs and wait for their turn to walk around carefully, all while keeping social distance. They have been learning to make independent choices in their activities and to follow guided lessons on academic tasks. We practiced many safety protocols including the importance of mask etiquette and hand hygiene, fire drills, and more. We completed a variety of fun and creative crafts related to our Back to School theme, which included Bingo Dabbing Art, a Back to School Crown, and Painting Fall Colours.

During the month of October, we will begin learning all about Autumn Harvest and the different vegetables and fruits that are harvested during this beautiful time of year! We will look at the life cycle of both a pumpkin and an apple, and compare and contrast the similarities. Through storytelling and vocabulary building, we will create our very own Fall stories incorporating our Word Wall and Autumn Writing Prompts. We will finish up our studies with a Pumpkin Investigation and decorating our class pumpkin!

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