News from Casa Room 4

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February was filled with celebrations and excitement! We had lots of fun participating in the ‘Bonhomme’ activities as we ate pancakes, created snowman art, danced at our glow dance party, and played games at our mini Carnaval. The Winter Olympics began shortly after that, and we enthusiastically cheered on Team Canada! We studied a variety of winter sports and discovered how much hard work and discipline it takes to be a strong athlete. Valentines Day was celebrated with enthusiasm as the children decorated bags to carry their Valentine’s cards. We celebrated Lunar New Year by creating lanterns, learning about delicious foods that are eaten during this time, and enjoying a Chinese harp and puppet show. Happy Lunar New Year! 
In March, we will be studying the theme of “Celebrating Friendships”. We will be discussing how to be a good friend, how we help each other to do the right thing. If anyone is making choices that they should not, we can remind them gently. If we are not sure, we can ask our teachers and parents for assistance. Good friends work as a team to help each other with kindness and compassion!

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