News From Casa – Room 4

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In the wonderful month of December, Room 4 celebrated Holidays Around the World. Besides being the favourite month of many students, it was also special because we had many new printers who were able to demonstrate their beautiful copy printing skills for the first time on our Holiday Theme Board. It was also a memory-filled month as we performed for you in our first filmed Holiday Concert that we shared with you at holiday time. The children were thrilled with the beautiful Winter Wonderland lobby decorations that the school administration staff treated them to…it is a great memory for them I am sure! The Christmas Door Decorating Contest was also great fun as we collectively decided on our adaptation of Frosty the Snowman. Room 4 was proud to receive the award for the “Most Feel-Good Door”. In January, Room 4 is studying Arctic/Antarctica – the geography, climate, animals and people of the regions. The children will be introduced to the Inuit and Sami people, life on the ice shelf as well as the ocean world below. We will prepare projects and crafts on the polar bear, the arctic fox, and the snowy owl from the Arctic and the penguin from Antarctica. We are also going to watch a National Geographic film showcasing these regions, as well as meet a teenage explorer named Jade. We hope to share much of what we learn with you!

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