News from Casa – Room 4

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Welcome to Room 4! We have had a wonderful two months getting to know each other and forging new friendships. The children have all settled in well and have been busy working in all areas of the Montessori Curriculum.

For the month of October, our classroom theme was Pumpkins. We began the month by talking about the different changes that take place during the season of fall, such as the weather, the amount of daylight, and changing trees. The children learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and created a fun headband to reflect their learning. We watched a real-time video about the various stages in the lifecycle of a pumpkin, and the children were excited to identify each stage. As the month progressed, the children completed a number of pumpkin-related activities, such as sorting pumpkins, cutting pumpkins, graphing with pumpkins, and pumpkin math. We studied the parts of a pumpkin, and even did our own pumpkin exploration activity! I carved a pumpkin and showed the children the many different parts, and in the process, transformed it into a jack o’ lantern. On the final Friday of October, we dressed in orange and black and played some Halloween-themed games and activities! We finished off the day by watching our Grade One class play video, entitled ‘Big Pumpkin’!

Looking ahead to the month of November, we will be learning all about Dinosaurs. The children will learn the characteristics of various dinosaurs, as well as their habitats, diet, and what makes each one unique!

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