News from Casa – Room 5

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Hello from Room 5! Our theme this month was Apple Harvest. Students learned about the parts of an apple and were able to recall and identify each part during our apple exploration activity. After exploring each part of the apple, we used our apples to create apple prints! We also studied the lifecycle of an apple and learned about the process of growing apples, harvesting the fruit, and selling to local stores. As a follow up to our lesson on 2D and 3D shapes, we made 3D apples. To enhance our tactile senses we made textured apples. Each student created four apples out of straw, wool, pom-poms, and sandpaper! We learned about the differences in tactiles and used descriptive words to characterize each of the apples that we made!

We also began to discuss the change in weather and welcomed fall. The children learned about why leaves change colour and we went on a leaf hunt searching for leaves with and without chlorophyll. We learned about Thanksgiving and the children shared how they celebrate with their families. We created a thankful turkey centerpiece to put on our tables as we celebrated with our families! We have been enjoying our Smartboard and have been doing yoga, meditations, and movement activities throughout the day. We even had a dance party with our online classmates! This past week we have been having some Halloween fun; we made spooky jack o’lanterns to decorate our class and created a few fun crafts to share with our families. We had a fun-filled month and are looking ahead to November, where students will be learning about space!


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