News from Casa – Room 6

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For the month of March, we turned our focus towards exploring our Solar System. The excitement and the enthusiasm of the children to learn all about this unknown territory was ‘out of this world’! The children learned many interesting facts about the Sun and the planets. They watched videos and took virtual field trips to each planet. The most popular virtual visit was t0 Florida’s Space Coast to witness the launching of the space rover Perseverance, as well as it’s recent landing on the red planet, Mars. The children had fun creating crafts related to this theme and participating in our friendly weekly quiz. Students continued to learn new academic concepts and worked hard towards solidifying previously introduced skills. For our Character Education studies, we focused on perseverance and discussed how important it is to keep trying when faced with an obstacle. We talked about how working hard to complete a task leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction, and the children were encouraged to incorporate this trait into their daily life. For the month of April, our class theme will be Spring. We will learn about the growth and changes that take place during this time. The children will have the opportunity to learn how to plant seeds, and we will discuss the animals and insects that come out of hibernation with the arrival of this beautiful season. Happy Spring!

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