News from Casa – Room 6

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During the month of April, the students in Room 6 focused on our Country Study of England! We studied the geography, different types of food, and the flag of this wonderful country. The children learned about the many famous landmarks, such as the mystery of Stonehenge, Big Ben, the infamous Tower Bridge, the London Eye and more. The children were introduced to Paddington Bear and the beloved tunes from Mary Poppins. We will truly miss Jolly Old England, but dream of revisiting it in the future!

May is always an exciting month with fresh hopes of newness and growth. We kicked off our monthly theme of Farm Life by studying the lifecycle of a plant, and planting radish and green pea seeds to witness the lifecycle in person. We completed a corn cob craft and made some very cute piggies. The children were introduced to the parts of horse and the lifecycle of a chicken. During the rest of the month, we will focus our learning on the various types of farms, including flower farms, dairy farms, fruit orchards and fish farms. Students will create their our own barn scene and finish off with some clay farm-themed mementos. We wish all the Rotherglen moms a Mother’s Day!

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