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“Friends are like flowers, beautiful flowers, friends are like flowers in the garden of life!”

~Carey Landry & Carol Jean Kinghorn~

In February, Room 7 focused on the values of Friendship for our monthly cultural theme. Friendships matter a lot in our lives – developing healthy friendships helps us to flourish socially and emotionally. Important skills such as helping a friend in need, including everyone, and offering to play with new friends, were emphasized and encouraged. We created fun crafts such as Friendship Flowers and sparkly Kindness Hearts to reinforce the idea of making others feel appreciated.

During REACH Week we enjoyed the fun daily activities, especially playing games at our winter carnival, as we raised money for a great cause! It was wonderful to see the students participate in Pink Shirt Day, and we learned how we can play our part in eradicating bullying by being an ‘up stander’ rather than a ‘by stander’. We were pleased to see this learning being applied in the children’s daily interactions.

We continued to focus on the development of literacy skills and improved confidence and fluency in reading. We read both fiction and non-fiction books during Circle Time and discussed how the authors and illustrators used their imaginations to create the books we read each day. The children are eager to learn to read, write and draw creative and colourful pictures, so they can start writing and illustrating their own books!

We have been exploring how we use paper, metal, plastic, wood, and glass in our daily lives and how to use these resources carefully. Related Practical Life activities were presented, including polishing wood and glass. We also explored the solutions we can mix to make natural polishes, such as oil and water, to make wood polish, and vinegar and water to make glass polish!

The children looked forward to Gym class and we practiced throwing and passing a ball, and discussed the importance of cooperation and teamwork to help our team succeed! The children especially look forward to our mindfulness breathing exercises and the importance of quiet moments to calm themselves and improve focus and concentration.

Our next theme will be a Country Study of Germany! We look forward to studying the language, culture, sports, and the flora and fauna of this beautiful country.

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