News from Grade 1

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After a joyful and relaxing March Break, the students in Grade 1 have returned to school refreshed and eager to learn. Their enthusiasm was easy to see while writing their own “Fairy Tales” and “Spring Acrostic Poems”. We’ve also been keeping the Tooth Fairy VERY busy with all of the teeth we’ve lost so far this year!
The Grade 1 students began exploring how to measure things in their environment and they learned how to play “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” in gym class at the Elementary Campus!
One of the most popular activities in Grade 1 is our “Room 5 Diner”! Students practice taking food orders, paying for items with Canadian money and making change at the cash register. Who knew learning was so much FUN?
As a class, we have also spent a lot of time discussing the concepts of “Appreciation,” “Charity”, and “Loyalty” as part of our Character Education lessons. We talked about how much our parents, family, teachers, and friends help us on a daily basis and we tried to imagine new ways to show them that we care.
However, the highlight in  Grade 1 this month was our Kitchen Chemistry Workshop. The students learned the science of cooking through a variety of interactive activities and experiments. We even had the opportunity to make slime that was BOTH a solid and a liquid!
If March was this much fun…we can hardly wait to see what’s in store for us in April!

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