News from Grade 1

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October has been a busy month for the students in Grade 1. We started by collecting items for the Thanksgiving Food Drive to be donated to the Salvation Army. As part of our Math Curriculum we tracked the number of cans, boxes and bagged items that we donated and put the data into a graph. Can you believe that we collected 81 items? It sure feels good to help those in need!
We also had a few students share a special object during circle time. Owen spoke about a medal that he won while playing rugby and Felicity told us about the night fairy that recently moved into her house. Sharing activities like these, gives the students an opportunity to practice being “good listeners” as well as develop excellent public speaking skills.
As part of our Zoology Curriculum we completed our unit about Canadian Animals by creating beavers out of clay and dioramas of their natural environment. How cute are these little beaver dams?
Recently, the students were introduced to the concept of Fractions. Now we see them everywhere! Today, we made the connection that our pizza was an example of “EIGHTHS”. Who knew that math could be so delicious?
We are currently preparing for the BIG PUMPKIN PLAY that we are performing for our parents and the younger students on Halloween. This performance is a dramatic interpretation of Erica Silverman’s book entitled “Big Pumpkin”. All of the students have a part to play and we are very excited to perform for you! 
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