News from Pre-Casa Room 3

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During the month of January, the children in Pre-Casa were engaged in activities and discussions that stimulated their senses and increased their understanding and communication about the world around them.
The children explored the sense of hearing through listening games and patterning activities, using their very own handmade tambourines. They were engaged in “I Spy” games to isolate the sense of sight and the Smelling Bottles helped the children to tune into their sense of smell. There were also many lively conversations on taste, during group snack and lunch. This was a wonderful opportunity to practice using adjectives such as sweet, sour, bitter, crunchy, cold, soft, and tasty.  As always, the children eagerly explored the Sensory Bins. They marvelled at the texture of the Kinetic Sand and demonstrated their growing creativity using their own Sense of Touch.
We also learned a fun song to help us remember our 5 Senses!

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