News from Room 1

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In January, Room One was busy studying the Arctic! The children participated in an experiment that allowed them to experience icy water with, and without, protective “blubber”. They were amazed that they could not feel the cold when their hand was enveloped in a bag of vegetable shortening, which mimicked the properties of an arctic animal’s blubber. The students felt very lucky to have three special visitors at the end of the month! First, they took part in a dynamic Martial Arts demonstration with Sensai Maks. Next, they learned all about Chinese New Year traditions through a delightful and educational puppet show presented by our own Rotherglen parents! Finally our students were delighted to listen to our special guest, Jessie, play the Chinese harp.
February is sure to be just eventful as we kick off the month with REACH Week Bonhomme Carnaval, followed shortly by Valentine’s Day! We will learn about Making and Celebrating friendships to mark this special time of year. We can’t wait!

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