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The students and teachers of Room 2 are extremely proud of our academic, physical, and social accomplishments this first month of school!

As we reflect on some of our September achievements, we remember we had a few nervous jitters about meeting new friends in the classroom and on the playground, meeting new teachers, and learning about all of those new classroom and school-wide daily routines and expectations. We recall learning to be independent when dressing ourselves in sweaters and running shoes, knowing when we were hungry to opt for an independent snack, learning to sit quietly at Circle Time when someone was speaking, just to name a few – we have already learned so much!

We also had our first Casual Dress day of the year, and celebrated Terry Fox’s accomplishments as we completed the “Walk for Terry” and reached our donation goal! We learned about Indigenous peoples and customs/stories during our virtual visit from Todd Jamieson. Our parents got to meet our teachers one night to learn more about why we do what we do in the classroom. We learned about something called “Character Education”, where we were introduced to traits such as Curiosity and Ambition as well as Self-Awareness and Self-Identity. Finally, we did some really great art activities relating to our Welcome Back Theme, such as our Welcome Back Crown, our Name Mosaic, and our own personalized backpack activity.

Most important of all, we got introduced to many beautiful Montessori materials on the shelves and learned how to use them ourselves! We also had great fun learning French, singing and playing with musical beats/notes during Music class, and we had our first outdoor Gym classes.

All in all – a very busy but challenging and enjoyable start to the new school year! A special thanks to our moms and dads for getting us to school everyday and on time so we didn’t miss a minute of it!

In October, Room 2 looks forward to our Apple Harvest Theme, with stories and discussions on Parts of an Apple, Parts of a Pumpkin, and Parts of a Tree. We will take a virtual tour of an apple orchard and find out how pumpkins grow on a pumpkin farm. We will complete various fall-themed crafts and projects and look forward to preparing a little Thanksgiving Centrepiece for the table at home.


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