News from Room 2

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As September comes to a close, Room 2 looks back at many fond memories. There were so many individual and group accomplishments and successes, such as: meeting and working with new classmates, learning new routines, working nicely with our speciality teachers, Mme. Zanzana and Ms. Mendoza, and welcoming Ms. Parker, our lunch supervisor everyday.

Returning children worked on solidifying concepts that they were introduced to last year, and new students were introduced to early, preliminary exercises to build skills and focus. We were all introduced to the concept of Responsibility, under the Character Education component of our curriculum, and many children were happy to share all of the ways they show responsibility at home and in the classroom.

We had our first gym classes of the year, and the beautiful weather provided a nice environment to learn about gym stops, gym listening, and cooperation.

We hosted our Curriculum Night, where parents were able to meet our teachers and learn more about the Montessori approach and our curriculum.

Our class had a chance to make our own lunch/snack placemats, experiment with watercolours, and make a fall-themed window suncatcher.

We watched the presentation by Mr. Todd Jamieson, a local indigenous artist and storyteller, where he spoke to us about the significance of Orange Shirt Day.

Finally, we took an exciting trip to Elementary Campus on a school bus for a Terry Fox Activity Day, which was so much fun. Our school raised so much money for this great cause, and we thank everyone for making our September such a wonderful experience!

In October, we will be turning our attention to our theme of Fall Harvest, when we plan to complete some lovely fall crafts, and study the parts of an apple and the pumpkin and their respective lifecycles.

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