News from Room 2

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February was an action packed month in Room 2! We began the month with our theme on Inclusion. The children learned all about diversity. They explored this topic through a variety of crafts, projects and books. They learned that we all share things in common, but that we can also celebrate our differences and that’s what makes us special!
The Reach Week/ Bonhomme Carnaval was a huge success. The children enjoyed participating in a variety of activities related to the Quebec Winter Carnaval. They eagerly participated in the Dance-a Thon, Pancake Lunch and outdoor games. Meeting Bonhomme, the mascot of Carnaval, was the highlight of the week!
There was a lot of excitement in the air as we prepared for Valentines Day. The children came to school dressed in pink and red with their special valentines for their classmates.  We also celebrated National Flag of Canada Day this month by learning some interesting facts about our Canadian flag.
We are looking forward to learning all about United Arab Emirates (UAE) as we prepare for our next big event, International Day! 

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