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“Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

April showers bring May flowers! All those beautiful blooms brings to mind all the growth and development witnessed and present in our Room 3 children.

April and May are fun months in a Montessori classroom, as the children are now making independent choices of work, like to help their friends, and make exciting connections between the materials and different areas of the curriculum. Not only have the children learned so much over the school year, but they have all changed in many positive ways.

During the month of April, we delved into an exciting Country Study on Portugal, where the children learned about and experienced a culture rich in tradition. We discovered a land with more than 500 miles of golden beaches, medieval castles, and cobblestone villages. We saw a natural paradise in the Azores Islands.The students created little sheep using cotton balls, which aligned with their lessons about Portuguese farming and agriculture. We also made Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish using a sponge painting technique and ribbon. The children used watercolour paints to create a portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous Portuguese football (soccer) player!

This month’s character traits lessons of Integrity & Environmental Responsibility fall under our value of Purposeful Lives. We learned how we can take care of the Earth and the importance of recycling. The students have been doing an excellent job placing the correct items in our classroom recycle bin and the garbage bin. This purposeful act continues to be solidified daily through the use of our Recycling Sorting cultural activity. The children were excited to participate in all our Earth Week festivities. They busily planted pea seeds in our mini-greenhouses and are looking forward to taking care of them. We will observe the seeds as they grow and learn firsthand how a seed becomes a plant and then a vegetable.

We are a ‘buzz’ with fun ideas and activities for our next theme on Bees! The children will be learning many facts about bees and how important they are to maintain a healthy ecosystem. We are looking forward to studying these fascinating creatures and discovering their real purpose on this Earth.

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