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Happy Winter Rotherglen Friends!

The Grade Ones have had a fun and exciting start to Term 2! Students started the term by making one word resolutions; they chose one word that they hoped would shape their new term and year. Some common ones in our class were ‘kindness’, ‘happiness’ and ‘friendship’!

During January, students were introduced to a variety of new Math, Language and Culture lessons and began to dive deeper into the Grade One Curriculum.

In Culture, we learned about the different steps involved in planting a seed and took turns planting wildflower and vegetable seeds. Our plants have already begun to sprout, and students have been diligently taking care of our tiny planters! Students also enjoyed reviewing the parts of a mammal, and identifying different body parts on a special drawing of…themselves!

In Language, students enjoyed consolidating their knowledge of synonyms and antonyms through their SRA work. Students took turns ‘constructing’ large words out of two smaller words using our Compound Words material. Students were also introduced to the Adjective and added this new part of speech to their Grammar Notebooks, while also symbolizing and identifying adjectives in various sentences.

This term, Math is particularly exciting! While students continue to strengthen their addition and subtraction skills, they also have had a chance to dabble in lots of new materials and lessons. Students were introduced to Canadian Money and had fun identifying coins and ‘shopping’ using our in-class cash register. In Geometry, students learned how to identify the three types of triangles – Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene and constructed their own using the Geometry Sticks Material. Students also enjoyed reviewing two-dimensional shapes and using Tangrams to create abstract pictures.

We completed the month by celebrating Lunar New Year! Students got to create their own cards, posters and paper lanterns to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

In February, we look forward to continuing to watch our seedlings grow and focusing on longer writing pieces, such as Fictional Narratives and Recounts. Students will continue to work with Canadian money and will begin their art exploration into impressionist artists such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

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