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In February, the children in Room 7 focused on the values of friendship for our monthly theme. Friendships matter a lot in our lives, and developing healthy friendships helps us to flourish socially and emotionally. Important skills, such as helping a friend in need, including every one, and offering to play with new friends, were emphasized and encouraged! We created fun crafts, such as Woven Hearts and Heart People cards, and completed projects that focused on sharing, being kind, helping a friend, and being inclusive.

It was wonderful to see the students participate in Pink Shirt Day, and we learned how we all can play our part in eradicating bullying by being an ‘upstander’ rather than a ‘bystander’. We are proud to see the learning being applied in our daily interactions.

We developed our literacy skills this month, and improved confidence and fluency in reading. We read both fiction and non-fiction books during Circle Time and talked about the authors and illustrators and how they use their imaginations to create the books we read each day. The children are eager to learn to read, print, and draw creative and colourful pictures, so they can start writing and illustrating their own books!

We are exploring how we use Paper, Metal, Plastic, Wood, and Glass in our daily lives and how to use them responsibly as these are natural resources. Many practical life activities, including polishing wood and glass, and science activities, such as magnetic and non-magnetic objects and objects that sink or float, were presented. We explored the solutions we can mix, such as oil and water to make wood polish, and vinegar and water to make glass polish.

The children eagerly participated in Gym class, and we practiced throwing, lunging, jogging, skipping, and jumping. We also learned about how cooperation and teamwork help our team succeed! The children especially look forward to our mindfulness breathing exercises, and they began to use our mindfulness basket to enjoy some quiet moments in order to calm themselves and improve focus and concentration.

For our next theme, we will be travelling to Japan! We look forward to studying the language, culture, sports, animals, and crafts of this island nation. We will read books about and complete short projects related to this amazing country.

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