News from Room 7

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During the month of March, Room 7 anticipated the arrival of Spring by writing stories and making crafts. We also talked about the new season and the changes it will bring to the weather, the life cycles and the length of the days.

 As we look ahead, April promises to be an exciting, action packed month, too! We will be busy as bees transforming our classroom into a royal English kingdom! The children will be using their printing, reading and shading skills to prepare beautiful work, their creative skills to complete amazing English crafts. I am already impressed with their amazing ability to recall facts and stories about England from Circle time discussions!

This month, we will also take a break from International Day studies to turn our attention to our Earth. We will discuss the effects of pollution and how we can make a difference by learning the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. April, here we come!!


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