News from Summer Camp!

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The steamy weather outside was a good fit with our Mighty Jungle theme this week! Each camper created their own binoculars on Day 1, so they could make sure they didn’t miss any of the amazing sights! Using paper bags, paint, glue, tissue paper and more, our campers created colourful tigers, frogs, and crocodiles. Water play was particularly exciting this week, as the children played in the sprinklers, foam, and bubbles, as well as turning our playground slide into a water slide! As always, the children could hardly wait for the pizza and ice cream truck to arrive, and they enjoyed watching the Wild Kratts movie to end off the week!

Our good friends from Hands on Exotics were our special guests this week. Our campers were visited by many interesting and adorable animals, such as a lop-eared rabbit, a huge tortoise, a ferret, a hedgehog, and exotic birds and snakes too!

Thank you to our counsellors, along with our campers for sharing a ‘roaring’ good time with us in the Mighty Jungle. See you on Monday as we embark on a week of Mystery and Magic!

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