O is for Open Mindset

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As we enter the eighth week of the 2023-2024 school year, we are are seeing great strides being made in the development of social skills and academic learning within our classrooms. Some of our students are experiencing being a member of a school community for the first time, and they are learning how to navigate new social situations on a daily basis. Our monthly Character Education Themes are helping to bring social and emotional learning concepts to life for our students. In addition, our staff are actively teaching the children how to make friends, how to be respectful of the personal space and feelings of others, and appropriate ways to communicate with their peers and teachers.

We appreciate that our parent community supports our efforts, allowing expectations for behaviour to be aligned between home and school. Picture books with engaging stories provide a wonderful opportunity to share information with your child in a way they can understand and enjoy. Click here to view a list of just a few of the books that may help you support the development of your child’s socials skills.

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