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Week 2 of Primary Summer Fun Camp was a great success. Campers have begun to strike up new friendships and are enjoying getting to know each other through a variety of structured and unstructured fun activities!

The ‘Deep Sea Dive’ theme was popular and campers enjoyed creating several related crafts. They began the week using paper plates, paint, and wool to create a seascape depicting a whale in the ocean. This craft required lots of patience and fine motor skills to thread the wool into the plate. On Tuesday, our campers created snorkelers by cutting out the head, body and swimming flippers and pasting them together, then adding a photo of their own smiling faces to personalize it. The final craft of the week had campers utilizing their cutting and painting skills to create some very cute octopus friends!

Our special visitor this week was Danielle of The Travelling Stage. She incorporated our theme of Deep Sea Dive into a playful workshop that included yoga moves, vigorous exercises, and dramatic play. The children began with a yoga-inspired warm up on an imaginary beach. They visualized a variety of sea creatures and imitated their movements. Primary Campers crab crawled their way across the gym, gracefully galloped like sea horses, and swam like sea turtles.

On Wednesday, our new splash pads were thoroughly enjoyed by all, and of course the weekly visit from our friendly ice-cream truck was a big hit. We rounded out the week with a Pizza lunch and by watching Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef. The children were excited to go along with Captain Barnacles, Tweak, Kwazi, and the crew to explore this natural wonder!

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